Brave Ads Catalog Viewer

This is a viewer for your Brave Ads catalog. When loaded, it will request the catalog for your region and display the results below. Catalog updates are requested once every 30 minutes. Learn more about Brave Rewards, and being rewarded for your attention, at Questions or comments? Message @BraveSampson.

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Oh no! We weren't able to contact Brave's ad catalog from your device. Please make sure {{ adServerURL }} is not blocked. We'll try to locate it again at {{ nextUpdate }}.

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Now viewing catalog {{ truncatedId }}, retrieved {{ lastUpdatedAgo }} ago. This catalog consists of {{ campaignCount }} campaigns, {{ setCount }} creative sets, {{ creativeCount }} ads from {{ advertiserCount }} advertisers targeting {{ targetRegions }}. The next update is scheduled to take place at {{ nextUpdate }}. 1 BAT is currently valued at about USD ${{ batPrice }} ({{ batSource }}) as of {{ new Date(batPriceUpdated).toLocaleTimeString() }}.